Company Profile


20 Feb 2003

Board Of Director
Hiroto Suzuki / Ng Chee Peng / Hii Tai Khang

RM 3 million (USD 724,200)

RM 50.4 million (USD 12,166,560)

45 person (Shibata Group Total : 460)

Factory / Office
Site Area 2,926m2  Building Area 2,290m2
Kapar, Selangor.
3 story semi-detached comprising of 2 story production space & 2 story office.

Trading Financial Institution
MUFG Bank Malaysia,OCBC Bank Malaysia.

Quality Policy

SHIBATA ASIA SDN BHD is involved in formulation and manufacturing of rubber compound for marine fender.
We are committed to achieve “Total Customer Satisfaction” by consistently providing high quality product and excellent services that meets customer requirement and expectation.
This is achieved through the efficiency and effectiveness of work performance from all personnel.

SHIBATA ASIA SDN BHD also committed to comply with applicable requirement and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Business Policy

  • Innovating and continues improvement to develop the best product for the market.
  • Commited to achieve ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ by providing quality product & execelent service.
  • Strive to ensure employee’s well being and safety at all time.

Business Content

Shibata Asia Sdn. Bhd. Notably, the technology used to manufacture marine fenders is from our Japanese parent company, Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. – that is well known in the international port, harbor and waterways market.

Shibata Asia undertake R&D with our professional team, specifically in developing new rubber material and enhancing our products.

  • Manufacturing rubber products.
    - Rubber Master Batch.
    - Rubber Fenders.
  • Sales of rubber product & others.
    - Industrial Rubber Product.
    - Personal Protective Equipment.


1923 Our mother company Shibata Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. We had diversified into other rubber products and gained an extensive knowledge and expertise in rubber products since then.
2003 Shibata Asia Sdn Bhd sales office was founded in Klang, Malaysia, representing Shibata Industrial for the International Market Sales.
2017 Established our own Manufacturing Plant & obtained Manufacturing License to manufacture in Kapar, Malaysia.
2018 Obtained the License from Malaysian Rubber Board (LGM) and became a member of Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE).
2019 Obtained ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.